MUTRON – Rotten Zipangu Remixes


Artist: V.A.
Type: Digital
Date: October 24, 2018


  1. Remute – Remute’s Ultra Rotten Remix
  2. fourtwosixx – fourtwosixx Remix
  3. ODD – ODD Remix
  4. YURI SUZUKI – RZ-101 Remix

To listen:

To remix:

We disassembled “Rotten Zipangu” to parts as materials for you!
You can use this materials freely to remixes or create your new songs.
Please put the downloaded data as it is on each track to your music software such as Ableton Live.
BPM is 130.

If you do not mind, please let me know yours from CONTACT.
We are looking forward to listening your music!